May God Rest Pipina’s Soul

The magician’s magic became impotent because of the inevitable ravages of time.

Sadly, Pipina’s nearly 16-year-old body could no longer process food.  She was exhausted, almost constantly pacing during her waking hours, looking for what exactly I’m not sure.  On Friday, March 20, she passed on to a land where she could rest and dream about all the things she loved–her canine companions Bodhi and Big Papi, human companions Emmett and Alice, eating tasty morsels, sniffing flowers in the weeds of our back yard, loping her crazy, looping laps in the basement, and simply living a dog’s life.

Pipina gave us so much love and asked for nothing in return except a home, which we gladly gave her nearly 16 years ago when someone found her, a four-month-old puppy, wandering around lonely in a field near Charlotte Motor Speedway.  I will forever be thankful to the kind soul at the Speedway who knew Emmett, knew he was moving to Concord with his wife and pets, and took a chance on calling him to see if we could take one more puppy into our new home.

Pipina, you have my endless appreciation and love for the joy you brought to our lives.  I miss you terribly and hope our paths converge again some day.


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