Retro Post (first of four)

I thought that readers might be interested in a few blog posts that I wrote back when I was in the middle of writing SUMMERSVILLE.  They primarily cover how I got started writing, my process, and some of the challenges I faced along the way.  I will post them over the next week.  Let me know what you think!

WELCOME 2014!  (Originally posted 1/1/14, edited for clarity)

I’m glad you’re finally here because this is the year, Providence willing, that I will publish my first book.

First, a gigantic thanks to my husband, Emmett, for fully supporting me in my decision to retire from Bank of America last year, after a 27+ year career in banking.  Banking, including my earlier stints at a small bank in Texas and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, was very good to me, but it was time for me to pursue a second career.

Initially, I looked at things like copy writing.  The only way I could plausibly do that would be if I were deeply passionate about the product or service and the company, and it’s just not simple to fall into that kind of situation.  I settled on setting up a writing and editorial services company.  I fretted over how I would market myself, locally and on the web.  I futzed around with that for a couple of months but did not get much farther than creating a website.

One day in May 2013, my husband said, “Why don’t you just write a book?”  I asked him if he was serious. Yes, he was–just stop all this scatter shot activity and write the book you’ve always wanted to write, he said.  So I started on a memoir about the small town in West Virginia where I grew up, where my family was steeped in local politics, and where we led such a privileged, though at times challenging, life.  Now I’m about 60 percent through the first draft, and I’m actually believing that publishing it in 2014 is a reality.

But I really think I needed 2014 to show up before it would finally come to fruition.  So as Marvin Gaye would croon, “Let’s get it on!”


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  1. Trish Manselle

    Alice, I read quickly through “Summersville” and realize how hard it must have been at times, but do feel that you did a great job and most likely, could write a sequel to the book. Love you, Aunt Patti

    • alicebryantbyrd

      Thanks, Aunt Patti! A sequel is definitely high on my list of possibilities.

      • alicebryantbyrd

        Ms. Lowers – thanks so much for the interest. I sent you an email and will follow up with more detailed information as soon as I get some from the publisher.

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